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Treasure Coast Trivia Stories

With Halloween approaching, spooky stories add to fall fun. Did you know that the Treasure Coast is home to several haunted places? Test your knowledge of our area’s most famous ghostly locations with this quiz, sponsored by Indian River Hauntings, LLC.


The Town Hall of this city was originally the schoolhouse and is believed by many to be haunted by playful children. Visitors to the building at night have reported hearing children’s voices, had their hair pulled and even seen apparitions.

A. Sebastian

B. Jensen Beach

C. Fellsmere

D. Fort Pierce

Answer: The Fellsmere Town Hall, is one of the town’s “ghostiest” sites according to paranormal investigator Larry Lawson, owner of Indian River Hauntings. Rumors and local lore include many oddities involving what many perceive as the spirits of children. More recent investigations claim to have picked up the voice of a young boy named Billy on recordings. The Town Hall is a popular stop for the local ghost tours conducted by Lawson and his team. There are no tragic happenings in the building’s history. Perhaps, according to Lawson, some spirits simply visit places where they were happiest.


Adored as sacred ground for the number of Indian artifacts that have been found there over the years, this stretch of water is also the subject of occasional stories of ghost ships, phantom underwater lights, and vibrations of entities.

A. Humiston Beach

B. Sebastian Inlet

C. Wabasso Causeway

D. Bathtub Reef Beach

Answer: The area off the coast of the Sebastian Inlet is best known for the sunken 1715 Spanish Fleet and the bounty of treasure and artifacts retrieved from the doomed ships. But the area was also inhabited by the Ais Indians. Tribal artifacts have been recovered from the area over the years, making it a popular attraction for modern day spiritualists, who believe it is sacred ground with positive energy. Regardless, any visitor to the this stunning waterway is bound to soak up good vibes.


The Sunrise Theatre in Fort Pierce is rumored to be afflicted by which of the following mysterious occurrences:

A. An ectoplasmic woman

B. A disappearing usher

C. Piano music coming from an empty bar room

D. Doors that slam shut for no reason

ANSWER: Like any self-respecting theatre, the Sunrise, built in the 1920’s, has its own ghosts. Staff have reported piano music coming from an empty barroom on the second floor while closing up for the night. There is also a recurring story of an usher who shows patrons to their seats and then suddenly vanishes. For theatre people, all the world is a stage but for the ghosts of the Sunrise, even the afterworld is still a stage!


Cold spots, a singing female voice, and a woman who wanders the hallways searching for her lost husband and son are among the many weird phenomena reported by visitors to this historic building.

A. The Hallstrom House

B. The Old Fort Pierce City Hall

C. The Boston House

D. The Arcade Building

Answer: The Boston House in Fort Pierce was originally called Cresthaven when it was built in 1909 and is considered one of the most haunted places in the Sunrise City.Though many tales of paranormal encounters have been passed around for years about the historic building, the most commonly repeated story that of Aleaceon Perkins, a woman who lost her husband and son at sea and wanders the halls, desperately waiting for them to return.Interestingly, the Perkins family tale doesn’t necessarily fit with actual history of the building so maybe it’s a case of mistaken identity and the real ghost that haunts The Boston House is an imposter.


Some believe the spirit of this famous visionary and builder sometimes wanders the beach at night and drops in on his famed water-front creation.

A. Paul Kroegel

B. Arthur G. McKee

C. Waldo Sexton

D. Henry T. Gifford

Answer: Waldo Sexton, born in 1885, settled in Vero Beach in 1913, and will forever be enshrined in Vero’s history as the eclectic visionary that shaped the very essence of the area. Vero Beach is home to many of Sextons unique buildings and landmarks, but the Driftwood Resort is perhaps his most notable achievement. His iconic ocean-front hotel is

overflowing with treasures he personally curated

from all over the world, including lots of bells. So, it’s not surprising that his spirit is rumored to occasionally stroll around the resort and walk the beach front. If you hear a bell ring there and there’s nobody around, maybe it’s just Waldo watching over his wonderful collection.


Considered one of the most haunted places in Indian River County, this local restaurant often hosts special dinners followed by a real live ghost hunt after regular business hours.

A. Ocean Grill

B. Waldo’s

C. CJ Cannons

D. Marsh Landing

Answer: Another spooky spot in Fellsmere is the delightful restaurant, Marsh Landing. The nearly 100-year-old building previously housed the headquarters for a sugar company. Staff have reported a recurring apparition of woman often spotted near the lady’s room, mysterious orbs and even blinds opening and closing on their own. Today Marsh Landing specializes in authentic local cuisine and is also the only place in Indian River County where visitors can enjoy “Dinner and a Ghost Hunt” with Indian River Hauntings. Guests get to enjoy a wonderful meal followed by a fascinating presentation including photos and history. Then they get to explore the restaurant after hours to see if they can spot the mysterious woman and other spirits believed to frequent this establishment, likely for their famous frog legs, fried gator tail, and swamp cabbage!


An old sailor standing on the rocks, an unfriendly voice uttering “get out,” and the smell of beef stew coming from a kitchen no longer in operation, are among the commonly reported oddities at this historic site in Stuart.

A. The Elliott Museum

B. House of Refuge at Gilbert's Bar

C. Captain Sewall's House

D. The Mansion at Tuckahoe

Answer: The House of Refuge Gilbert’s is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is the only one of the original ten houses of refuge still standing on Florida’s coast. The House saved 44 lives between 1876 and 1915 and even housed up to 22 sailors after 2 shipwrecks in the span of 24 hours. But there is one sailor who seems to have returned.Supposedly he has been seen on the rocks outside the house, staring into the sea and sometimes wanders the house. Guests have reported hearing a voice say, “Get. Out.” Others have claimed to smell beef stew cooking in the kitchen. Perhaps he came back for the cooking and doesn’t like to share.


Lake Wales, about an hour or so west of Vero, is home to Spook Hill, a popular spot where the following happens regularly.

A. A friendly ghost hangs out at Spook Hill Elementary School

B. The spirit of giant alligator causes traffic jams

C. Cars placed in neutral roll up hill

D. The ghost of a pirate chases visitors up a hill

ANSWER: The mystery of Spook Hill has fascinated generations of visitors. Gravity hills can be found all over the world spurring folklore and curiosity as cars appear to roll up hill when placed in neutral. Not only is Spook Hill one of the country’s oldest known gravity hills but is also the only known magnetic hill in the state of Florida. In April of 2019, Spook Hill was added to the National Register of Historic Places. There is a legend that a local Native American warrior chief was sent to battle a giant alligator but succumbed to the beast. He was buried on the north side of the hill. Later, pioneers hauling goods noticed that their horses would strain at the ridge even though it appeared to be going downhill. Is the hill haunted by the warrior or the gator? Is it magnetic or is it just an optical illusion? Take a ride out there and see for yourself!


Are you interested in learning more about haunted places on the Treasure Coast? Be sure to check out the sponsor for this edition of Treasure Coast Trivia. Indian River Hauntings hosts unique ghost tours of our area. These are not tours with staged events to frighten guests. They are a unique insight to the rich history of some of the most interesting landmarks in the area. Check them out!


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