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Things You Can Do Today Without Breaking the Rules

If you’re lucky enough to be here on the Treasure Coast right now, then count your blessings. This is still Florida where the weather is almost always sunny and warm. Even better, the outdoor spaces offer ample room to exercise, enjoy breathtaking views and soak up some vitamin D while maintaining social distance.

Bridge Walks

Fort Pierce and Vero Beachhave fabulous bridges that are pedestrian friendly. Take a walk over the Seaway Bridge in Fort Pierce, the Barber Bridge in Vero or the Wabasso Causeway Bridge just north of Vero. The Stop and look down at the water-you’ll be amazed at the marine life you can see. It’s common to spot dolphins, manatees and rays in the water from these bridges. And, by the way, the Barber Bridge is just over a mile long so one round trip will net you over 4,000 steps and counts for about 15 flights of stairs! Take that, fitbit.

Visit the Refuge

Pelican Island National Wildlife refuge is open seven days a week and offers multiple trails through 5000 acres of pristine landscape. Walk the The iNature Trail, an interactive trail along the Centennial Trail and Boardwalk using QR Code technology providing video tours at your fingertips. Smartphone users can scan QR codes on signs along the trail to get photos, videos and descriptions of different areas within the Refuge. The Centennial Trail is a ¾ mile ADA accessible trail which includes the Centennial Trail Pond, the National Wildlife Refuge Boardwalk and the Observation Tower. No hiking shoes required.

Go Birding

Get your camera or binoculars, grab an Almanac, which features a regular birding guide, and find some cool birds. The wonderful thing about birding in Florida is that you can do it from almost anywhere. Your front yard, your community lake or any of the parks provide ample opportunity to observe breathtaking birds. But if you really want to get serious, right now is the time to head up to the Stick Marsh in Fellsmere or the Lagoon Greenway in Vero to catch a glimpse of those gorgeous pink beauties, the Roseate Spoonbills, while they’re still nesting. See if you can check off all the birds on the Almanac checklist.

Fantasy Boat Shopping

Do you have boat envy? Go for walk around Marina Square in Fort Pierce and check out the boats. The city marina is full of all sorts of boats in every shape and size. It’s entertaining check out other people’s boats and decide which ones would suit your preferences. Would you want a sailboat or a trawler? Are you more of sport-fishing type or is a luxury cabin cruiser your thing? Another fun thing to do on your fantasy boat shopping trip is to check out the names of different boats. Some are clever, some are funny, and some are just downright bizarre. Think of it as a real-life meme.

Trek the Mangroves

The stunning outdoor spaces of the Environmental Learning Center in Wabasso are open to the public. Take easy breezy walks in the sunlight and shade, in the company of the abundant native flora and fauna on their 64 acre lagoon island campus The outdoor trails and elevated boardwalks through the mangroves and canopies are accessible during daylight hours, seven days a week, and currently free of charge.


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