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Mel Fisher’s Museum Honors First Responders

May 22-28, 2022, Mel Fisher's Treasure Museum, located at 1322 US-1 in Sebastian is inviting all first responders to visit the famed museum and view the sunken treasures of centuries of the past for free. The museum, opened in 1992 by world famous treasure hunter, Mel Fisher, houses the largest permanent collection of artifacts and treasures salvaged from the sunken 1715 Fleet.

This month, the museum wants to thank those who don’t hesitate to leap into action when they are called and, for every first responder counted during the special admission week, the museum will make a donation to the Sebastian Police Department’s COPE unit.

The mission of the COPE Unit is to create partnerships between the community and the Sebastian Police Department, to develop and employ proactive crime prevention strategies, and to promote the Department’s resources to the community. One of the tools the COPE Unit uses to engage with the community is the Community Outreach Trailer. The COPE Unit hosts events throughout the city where members meet with citizens, distribute crime prevention materials, and build relationships in order to create a lasting environment of cooperation between the police and the citizens of Sebastian.


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