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Citrus Flavors of the Season

The Indian River Citrus District is renowned for its vibrant citrus industry, producing a diverse array of citrus fruits that are celebrated for their unique and delicious flavors. The state's warm climate and fertile soil create the perfect conditions for cultivating a variety of citrus fruits, each with its own distinctive taste profile. Here are some of the most prominent citrus varieties grown in Florida, each contributing its own burst of flavor to the Sunshine State's agricultural bounty:

Valencia Oranges

Valencia's high sugar content, pronounced sweetness and tartness add depth to the flavor They are the juiciest which makes them messy to eat but a perfect for juicing and producing our famous Florida orange juice.

Indian River Grapefruit

Our region's warm and sunny climate, and fertile soil along the Indian River contribute to the fruit's sugar content and natural sweetness that sets our grapefruit apart from other varieties and makes it especially appealing to those who prefer a sweeter citrus experience.

Orri Tangerines

Orri's honey-like sweetness and subtle tangy and tart undertones set them apart from other citrus varieties. They are exceptionally juicy which makes them refreshing and enjoyable.


Tangelos are nown for a sweetness reminiscent of tangerines, with a mild tartness that is less pronounced than that of grapefruits that adds a refreshing quality to their flavor. They are a popular choice if you enjoy the taste of both tangerines and grapefruits but prefer a milder tartness.

Honeybells & Sugarbells

Honeybells and sugarbells are a unique and popular citrus fruit hybrid. They are a cross between a tangerine and a grapefruit and boast an exceptionally sweet and juicy flesh, often described as one of the sweetest among citrus fruits. They have a distinct and refreshing citrus flavor that makes them a favorite for fresh eating and juicing. The fruit is typically easy to peel, and the segments are juicy and bursting with flavor.


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