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Blue Angels Return to Vero Beach

This year will feature the first-ever nighttime Air Show at the Vero Beach Regional Airport. The 2022 Vero Beach Airshow opens April 29 at 6:PM, featuring some of the best civilian and military performers against a setting sun! Performers include The Blue Angels, Aeroshell Aerobatic Team, Jim Peitz Aerosports, Keven Coleman, Melissa Dawn Burns, Jodi Rueger Airshows, McCart Jet Motorsports- Homewrecker, Continental Airshow Productions, Danny Clisham- The Skytalker, and Wayne Boggs- Air Boss.

General admission tickets are $15, and parking is $10 per carload. The gates open at 6PM on Friday April 29, and 9AM on Saturday April 30 and Sunday May 10.

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