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Fall Fishing is Here!

Fall Fishing Forecast

September will continue to be warm, but the fishing is always exciting. It’s a good month to target tarpon, snook and redfish around the Treasure Coast. Lots of bait has arrived in the area and the predators are chasing it both in the river and on the beach. Water temperatures will likely stay in the upper 80’s. It is always best to fish early or late in the day. Snook season opened on September 1st. Live bait, DOA Terror Eyz and assorted other favorites used around jetties, bridges and sea walls can get you hooked up to that slot fish. Make sure you are prepared for the season, check your equipment, license and snook permit.

The fall mullet run will begin this month and that will bring exciting action to the area. If you do not find bait around your favorite fishing spot, you will most likely not find many fish there. Move around if you need to find active bait. Fish love this time of year, and they are out there gorging themselves on the bait in anticipation of the coming winter months.

In October the mullet run will start winding down and water temperatures will begin to mellow out and get back to normal. There will still be lots of hungry predators out there chasing them around the river and along the beaches. Live finger mullet, croakers and pigfish will be the best live baits to use. DOA Terror Eyz and Bait Busters are good artificial lures to use for snook. Try around the docks, jetties, turning basin and bridges docks around the river.

The trout bite will be good too. Get out early with a top water lure for some exciting action on the river. Switch to a DOA shrimp or CAL jerk bait later in the mornings. Harbor Branch, Queen's Cove and Middle Cove are all great areas to fish for trout around the Treasure Coast.

In November, the pompano will begin returning to the river and will be a favorite target for anglers throughout the winter. When fishing the surf, use sand fleas or clams and the same in the river. Doc’s Goofy Jigs are great artificial lures for the pomps. You should still find some flounder on the sand flats of the inlet and river and there will still be some tarpon around. Look for mackerel, bluefish and jacks to fill up the inlets this month. Most shiny lures will work on these predators. You can also find them hanging in the channels around Harbor Branch.

Remember, fishing is not just another's an ADVENTURE!

Good Fishing and be Safe,

Captain Charlie Conner


Photo: Eli found this nice pompano while fishing along the channel edges in Fort Pierce


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