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Ten Clever Beach Hacks

With many more months of hot sunny weather ahead in Florida, some of the best beach days are yet to come. Enjoy your beach day along the Treasure Coast even more with these easy tips.

Bring a Yoga Mat

For sun worshippers in pursuit of the perfectly even tan, bring a yoga mat to lay on. Yoga mats provide more cushioned comfort than a towel or blanket. They’re also waterproof and clean up easily.

Soften Hair and Cool Scalp with DIY Conditioner

In a spray bottle, mix and shake three parts water to one-part hair conditioner with a UV protectant. Add a couple of drops of peppermint oil for a cool refreshing spritz. Apply each time you get out of the water and run a wet brush through.

Protect Feet with Neoprene Socks

Flip-flops are great but neoprene water socks are awesome in and out of the water. Use them on long walks and while swimming to avoid little abrasions from shells and rocks and that “seaweedy” feeling around your feet in the water. They’re also great for hot sand days and protecting that beautiful pedicure you just got!

Make a Shell Necklace

Many shells along Treasure Coast beaches have natural holes in them. With some natural twine and a few beads, you and your kids can hunt for shells and take a crafty break from the water and sand. Kids wind up with fun and inexpensive souvenirs for themselves and their friends.

Sunscreen Matters

Always do your first application of sunscreen before you leave for the beach. Then, store your sunscreen in the cooler close to or on ice. This makes reapplying so refreshing and cool that you won’t forget to keep reapplying.

Aloe Vera Ice Cubes

Even the most vigilant sunscreen users are sometimes vulnerable to an occasional sunburn, especially in Florida. Most people know to reach for aloe vera to treat mild sunburn, but frozen aloe is oh so much better! Keep a tray handy in the freezer for instant sunburn relief.

See More with Polarized Lenses

There is so much to see in and on the beautiful waters of the Treasure Coast. Dolphins, manatees and sea turtles are frequent visitors to area beaches and much easier to spot with the proper eye wear. Ditch the cheap sunglasses and opt for polarized lenses. They reduce glare and enhance vision so you don’t miss a thing!

Mesh Pop-up Bags

A mesh laundry bag is the perfect container for all your kids’ beach toys! It’s inexpensive, light weight and easily sifts out the sand, leaving it at the beach instead of trailing it into your car and home.

Baby Powder Sand Removal

Showers at our area beaches are a wonderful amenity but nobody wants to get in the car soaking wet, much less covered in sand. Baby powder removes sand from skin easily and efficiently. Corn starch works too. Once you try it you’ll never head to the beach without it.

Cool off the Car Fast

When it’s time to leave, cool down your car interior with this easy trick. Open the passenger or driver’s side window then go to the opposite door, open it and “fan” the door in and out six to eight times. This will force the hot air out and draw the outside air in.

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