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Turtle Digs in Indian River County

During nesting season, you can see hundreds of nests marked off with yellow signs, red stakes, and orange ribbon along the beach signifying sea turtle nests. Data collected from nest evaluations allows decision makers to understand how well the beaches are incubating sea turtle nests, and if these nests are experiencing any impacts that can be managed more efficiently. Attendees enjoy a small presentation about sea turtle biology, threats to their survival, and ways to help protect turtles, all while standing only a few feet away from a nest evaluation conducted by the County Sea Turtle Program staff and CC, Inc. volunteers. If any straggler hatchlings are found during the excavation, guests will then get to watch them be released into the ocean at the end of the dig. This is a wonderful experience for people of all ages and there is no charge to attend. Just show up at the beach and enjoy!

These Turtle Dig experiences will take place:

Months: July and August

Date: 3 days after a nest hatches

Time: 8:00 a.m.

Location: Sexton Plaza in Vero Beach, FL

How do you know when the digs happen? Simple! Keep an eye on the Indian River County Coastal Division Programs on Facebook (@irccoastal) as they are announced there almost daily.

Nesting Numbers for Indian River County Beaches

End of 2018 Season Nest Counts

Loggerhead: 5753

Green: 235

Leatherback: 46

As of June 13th, 2019

Loggerhead: 2481

Green: 201

Leatherback: 30

As you can see by the numbers we are off to a tremendous start. Green sea turtles are quite high, solidifying expectations that 2019 will be great year for green nests on IRC beaches. Excitingly, nests are already starting to hatch! This means turn out all beach facing lights by 9:00 p.m., pick all chairs, umbrellas and other objects, do not use flashlights on the beach at night, never approach or harass a nesting female, and as always, leave nothing on the beach but your footprints!

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