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The Art of Conservation

Gloria Clifford, has for a lifetime had a special love for the ocean and tropical habitats. As a professional painter, she uses a brilliant color palette which completely captures the attention of her audience. Gloria does this purposely to get an urgent message of conservation across to her viewers. She feels that artists have an immense responsibility to visually share the beauty which is abundantly upon this planet and she does this with a unique style which is entirely her own.

“One of the greatest joys within my life is knowing that my paintings are being used for a higher purpose and that they bring delight to my collectors. So many folks who have purchased my art over the years have shared with me that my paintings have given them immense happiness. To create art that brings others joy as well as to aid in the conservation of endangered species has been an amazing journey! I am so very thankful for this God given talent and for the opportunity to pursue a career that I absolutely adore.”

Clifford is a member of The Wyland Foundation's, OCEAN ARTISTS SOCIETY, a group of world renowned artists, sculptors, photographers, film makers and others whose professional emphasis is ocean related. The purpose of this society is to generate ocean conservation awareness on a global scale. As her own personal commitment to the future health of all world oceans, a percentage received from Gloria Clifford's OCEAN ART SALES is donated to ocean conservation organizations.

Gloria Clifford received her professional art education from Virginia Commonwealth University. As a full-time painter whose images share her passion for the conservation of our planet, she is an honored member of a global community of professional painters, within the Ocean Artists Association. Her work is also legally licensed by several U.S. manufacturers for use in home decor products. She has been an art instructor in numerous mediums for well over 30 years. Most recently, Gloria has served several local art clubs as a juror and lecturer and she also teaches one day workshops on an invitational basis at the Vero Beach Museum of Art.

This Friday, May 4th, Treasure Coast Art lovers will have a unique opportunity to see Clifford’s work in person at Downtown Vero Beach’s First Friday Gallery Stroll. Her work will be on display at the Main Street Vero Beach office and gallery located at 2036 14th Ave. This event is free and over a dozen galleries participate as well. From 4 pm to 8 pm “strollers” can wander in and out of the diverse galleries and studios that comprise Vero’s “Arts District” along 14th Avenue.

Following the Gallery Stroll participants can enjoy 10% off their entire bill at American Icon Brewery with the Gallery Stroll Club Card also available and the offices of Main Street Vero Beach.

Check out some of Gloria Clifford's work here

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