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Make Traveling Easy on Fido

Traveling with your pet has become common practice in the past 5 years and with more hotels embracing and accommodating our 4-legged family members, making their stay stress-free and comfortable can be easy if you consider the following ideas.

Visit the Vet

Before you head out on your vacation journey, be sure to visit your veterinarian to ensure all your dog’s immunizations are up-to-date as well as any updates you may need to make on their microchip information. And if your pet does not have a microchip yet, we highly recommend this idea in the event you two get separated! Products like Gibi pet locator -many can range from $50 - $125 and may have a monthly subscription fee associated with the device. But even a simple collar with an updated ID tag is a great start to staying connected.

Accommodations at the Hotel

Expect to pay a pet deposit. Depending on the hotel, pet deposits typically range from $20-$100 so be sure to check before you book and always ask if there are any weight restrictions or number of pets allowed.

Waste Not Want Not

Designated walking areas are provided for dog-friendly hotels so be sure you ask the front desk staff about disposal receptacles and approved walking areas.

Reaching Your Destination

Scope out a safe doggie trail. It may be a nice walk down by the beach, scenic sidewalk or nearby dog park. Keep in mind your pet may sleep much better after a brisk activity and you may too!

Doggie Concierge

Separation anxiety in a strange room can cause your pet to have a horrible, stressful vacation not to mention a scared animal can damage property while trying desperately to cope with their current surroundings. At certain hotels, there are now doggie concierge support staff which can act as a dog sitter for those occasions when you just can’t bring your pet on an outing. The crew at Capt Hirams Resort will do their best to keep a close eye on your pet as a service.

TV and Radio

Many pet owners report keeping on a calming television station or radio station can act as white noise to help their dogs not get distracted with noise outside the hotel room. Even bringing a baby monitor with you can help you stay connected in close ranges as to how your pet is adjusting.

Dining with Your Pet

Give a quick call to the restaurant you will be visiting. If you have a service animal, restaurants understand the guidelines to accept your service dog. Please do not be offended if you are requested to provide paperwork and clearly have the service vest in place on your dog.

Dogs on the Beach

Be sure you know what beaches are dog-friendly and keep in mind if the sand is hot under your feet it is also hot for your pet’s paws.

Capt Hirams Resort Hotel and their sister property of Best Western– Sebastian are both pet friendly and would enjoy having two legged and four legged guests at their facilities year round. Check out their website for more information ( or call 772.388.8588.

Capt Hirams Cares

Capt Hirams Resort has a fundraising effort each month for its locally selected charities and community organizations in which $1 of each sale of their signature drink called The Crush, is donated to the charity of the month. For May 2018, there are 2 organizations for which Capt Hirams Resort will collect monies.

The Humane Society of Vero Beach and Indian River County (HSVB) provides affordable preventative healthcare services. HSVB offers spay/neuter, vaccinations, heartworm testing and microchipping to any companion animal regardless of the pet parent’s income or county of residency. H.A.L.O. Rescue is a no-kill 501c3 rescue providing a safe haven for abandoned and abused animals in Indian River County. H.A.L.O. has rescued, rehabilitated and re-homed over 10,000 animals.

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