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Main Street Vero January Featured Artist

Main Street Vero Beach presents "Spiral Inspirations" by artist Charles Blake during the month of January 2018. You are invited to a special preview of his work on display on Thursday, January 4th. Opening Reception will be during the First Friday Gallery Stoll on January 5th at the Main Street Vero Beach Studios & Gallery at 2036 14th Avenue in Historic Downtown Main Street Vero Beach.

Blake blends a fascinating mix of painting and sculptural elements to create a sense of surrealism and mystery in his work. Often elusive but inspirational in their meanings, Blake's paintings and sculptures are collages of mixed media, ceramics, steel and aluminum. He says, "The world does not exist without mystery and inspiration which has always been a catalyst for the creation of my art." Blake states that his "creative imaginations combines the real with what is not." Certainly, Blake mixes realities, dreams and wishes in his canvases, inspiring a kind of poetry through pure image. Charles Blake has exhibited his work both publicly and privately throughout New York and Florida.

Blake hails from a successful career in New York as VP Director of Design for over 12 years with NBC Television. He is a multi-disciplinary and award-winning artist who was instrumental in visible art projects including the NBC peacock logo which he created while working with advertising agency Chermayeff & Geismar in 1986.

Blake's collection of works presented for exhibition are all original, acrylic on canvas, with 3 dimensional elements. The artist also creates unique, large and dynamic sculptures. The artist has an impressive resume of exhibitions, shows, awards and collectors. Themes demonstrate the artist's view as ocean and wildlife conservationist with socio-political commentary and humor in every piece.

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