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Sailing Grows in Indian River County

Youth Sailing Foundation Commissions 420 Racing Sailboats and Boston Whaler Safety Boats

Piper Flyer and Team

VERO BEACH – November 30, 2017 - Youth Sailing Foundation commissioned four racing sailboats and two powerboats in a colorful sunset waterfront ceremony attended by the boat sponsors, YSF Directors and the teen sailors who will crew the boats. This is a significant milestone in the growth of sailing in Indian River County.

The Club 420 sailboat is a 14-foot, two-man dinghy recognized as a world class racer and campaigned in national and international championships. Four boats were named and sponsored by local donors as follows: PIPER FLYER – Piper Aircraft, represented by CEO Simon Caldecott and Marketing & Communications Director Jackie Carlon; ADVENTURE -- Kitty Mountain; MUCHACHOS -- Jim and Donna FitzGerald, Robert and Susan McLean, Nicko and Carole Parks, and Jay and Betsy Woodruff; REEF POINTS, Joe and Louise Huber.

Tony Tremaine of Vero Beach donated two 1970-era Boston Whalers along with the funds to fully restore the classic boats. PIED PIPER, a 16-foot run about, and CHAPERONE, a 17-foot Montauk launch, were commissioned. The two rugged vintage boats will perform duel service as safety boats and instructor launches.

Troy Tremain with Chaperone

Each sponsor spoke of the significance of the name they chose. Ms. Mountain talked about a series of family boats, all named Adventure. Muchachos is the name of a golf group comprised of sailors. Joe Huber’s son attended the United States Naval Academy, and “Reef Points” is the Annual Handbook of the Brigade of Midshipmen. Simon Caldecott, CEO of Piper, spoke of the relationship of sailing to flying with similar navigational and control skills required.

The respective crews, members of the Vero Beach High School Varsity Sailing Team, were introduced and in Navy tradition commanded to “man your boats”. Stu Keiller, YSF Executive Director, concluded by thanking the sponsors for helping to enable over 100 children to receive free sailing instruction each week at YSF. He emphasized the organization’s underlying tenet “Sail for Life”, as sailing teaches independence, builds confidence and self esteem, and empowers young sailors to reach their full potential.

A celebratory reception was hosted by Youth Sailing Foundation at the Vero Beach Yacht Club, where the seasoned sailors and teenaged crews enjoyed swapping tall tales about their sailing adventures.

Founded in 2009, Youth Sailing Foundation of Indian River County, Inc. is a not-for-profit 501c(3) organization offering free sailing instruction to the children of Indian River County. We believe sailing is an adventure for a lifetime. While learning to sail children learn life skills that will endure. Sailing challenges and builds confidence by taking children outdoors, out of their comfort zone, and into a world of wind and water. They learn to rig and pilot their own sailboats on the beautiful Indian River Lagoon in Vero Beach. YSF’s success is measured in the competence, discipline, responsibility and leadership skills that blossom in our students. All of this is also available to adults who join our rapidly growing adult classes in larger sailboats.

Learn More about Youth Sailing Foundation here

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