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Cheers to Dignity and Respect

“Celebrating our elderly with dignity and respect.” Those words can be found on every Van Dyk Family Wine bottle and cork. Releasing their first vintage in 2012, Bob and Elizabeth Van Dyk were proud to unveil to the world a blending of their two biggest passions-- caring for the elderly and fine wine.

“It was the words from Matt Kramer’s article in Wine Spectator that inspired the idea back in 2010,” recollects Bob Van Dyk when asked how the wine was born. The article described that though old vines produced less fruit, it’s grapes were always consistent and offered a better quality; which the Van Dyk’s feel mimic that of our senior population.

For over 60 years, Van Dyk Health Care has dedicated their lives to the elderly; providing quality care to seniors through their two skilled care facilities in New Jersey, Home Health Care Company and an upcoming Daycare for those suffering from Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Raised in the family’s first nursing facility since 3 months of age, Bob Van Dyk served as the “entertainment director” for the residents as he wheeled himself about the halls in his rolling walker. As a result, he has always cared about the well-being and dignity of the aging generations; admiring first- hand the work his father and entire family did to make life for the elderly as comfortable and rewarding as it could be.

The family’s longstanding commitment to quality is also found in their four wines – Dignity Cabernet Sauvignon, Respect Chardonnay, Le Bel Age Pinot Noir ("The Beautiful Age") and Van Dyk Sauvignon Blanc; a perfectly crisp and fresh wine for Florida. Using only the best fruit from Napa’s best vineyards, these vintners bring to Vero Beach a unique story and support by pledging to donate profits of their wine to Alzheimer’s organizations including the Alzheimer & Parkinson Association of Indian River County. “We were so impressed by what they were able to achieve in such a short time and know they will do right with contributions they receive,” Elizabeth Van Dyk assures.

Moving to Vero Beach in 2014, the Van Dyk’s fell in love with the town’s charm and friendliness of the people. As an active golfer, Mr. Van Dyk enjoyed the various courses and is now a member at Quail and Vero Beach Country Club. Elizabeth heads up the wine distribution and marketing and the two are frequently pouring their wines together at an array of functions to support various causes including Wine, Women and Shoes.

After a lovely lunch at Quail’s new hotel, Mr. Van Dyk happened upon Varietals and More. Currently, it is the exclusive retailer of Van Dyk Family Wines; located at 54 Royal Palm Pointe in Vero Beach. This boutique wine shop was the only place Bob and Elizabeth felt comfortable selling their wine locally because they felt confident the owner, Rob, would be able to truly share their story of these fine wines ranging in price from $30-$60 and pair them well with customers who wanted a wine experience while still supporting a cause.

When asked what “Florida Food” would pair best with their sensational Sauvignon Blanc, they both agreed “a crisp salad topped with mandarin oranges and a grilled piece of grouper would make for a perfect afternoon lunch.”

Cheers to Dignity and Respect!

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