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Waldo’s Restaurant Legacy of Philanthropy

Lee Olsen

Waldo’s Restaurant is known within the community just as much for its generosity as it is for its great food, fun times and the great view of the Atlantic Ocean. Now under the leadership of Lee Olsen, Waldo’s hosts a plethora of non-profit and school fundraisers. The list of groups Olsen has supported both personally and professionally includes Youth Guidance, The Source, Camp Haven, Love Doctor’s Charities, Marine Corp Toys for Tots, IRC American Red Cross, Lauren’s Way, Healthy Start Coalition of IRC and the Vero Beach Lifeguard Association. Last year, when tragedy struck at the Orlando Pulse nightclub, Olsen organized a candlelight vigil and a successful fundraiser for the employees of the club. “You just have to follow your heart and do what’s right,” he explains.

Olsen’s approach is unique as he targets the entire community with the goal of uniting people. Olsen was recently nominated for the National Philanthropic Days Unsung Hero award, with both his mother and father in attendance. This category recognizes an individual who demonstrates exceptional leadership skills for major fund-raising projects and motivating groups for the benefit of the cause. Olsen reasons, “Waldo Sexton was a great philanthropist and worked for many good things on behalf of this community. He IS Waldo’s…and we believe it is our duty to continue his good works. Thirty years ago, when I first came to Vero Beach I knew I wanted to be connected to this place. And now I am here to celebrate the Driftwood’s 80th and Waldo’s Restaurant’s 70th Anniversary!”

Come celebrate at Waldo’s on Vero’s beach! For more information call Waldo’s at 772-231-7091 ( or to find out more about accommodations at the Driftwood Inn call 772-231-0550 (

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